Kulu Presentations

Create and share rich media presentations

Slides, web pages, polls, and feedback prompts can be synchronized with video to engage viewers on all levels, in a way they’ll understand, and at a time and place that suits them.

View live or on-demand

Our live offering includes a wide range of interactive features that allows presenters to gather feedback, data, and opinions from the viewing audience. Our on-demand offering retains all interactive features, but allows the viewer to watch and participate at a time and place that’s more convenient for them.

Kulu Presentations

Manage and distribute rich content

Our platform allows you to capture presentations from the desktop, as well as meeting rooms, auditoriums, and production studios. Content is managed and distributed through a secure dedicated portal and can be sent to desktops, mobile devices and public displays.

Reporting & analytics

Understand your audience

Reporting tools and audit trails can help provide unparalleled insight into how content has been created and consumed, and a range of interactive functionality captures real-time data via polls, Q&A, and audience participation.

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